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Dec 08,  · Option FM is a relatively new broker in the binary options world, it was founded in Despite their short period in the market, they have collected employees from all over the financial world and have gathered a great deal of financial knowledge under their command. Tips and Advice binary trading Option FM. There are a lot of tools, tips and tricks that can turn you into a better binary options trader. One of these tools is a good pack of binary options. Prestige FM is a binary options broker previously owned by a company called Leadtrade Ltd., which was based in Nicosia, Cyprus, and currently owned by a company called Media Options LTD, which is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In many respects, Prestige FM /10(4).

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When we find a broker that is popular in every place in the world it is traded then it most certainly is time to do a review on that broker; Option. It is an online binary options broker that started in and did it the right way by hiring employees in key positions that that had vast amounts of binary options trading experience and also employees that were experienced in web based market trading, binary options fm. That combination has quickly moved them into position to be one of the top brokers online today.

Despite the fact they are a newer broker, they have managed to use their employees experience and a great web platform to satisfy the many investors that trade with them. They have a system in place that greatly enhances the rate of successful trades for those that trade binary options with them. They do this by being innovative and providing their many investors with the tools necessary to make sound binary options trading decisions. That is why so many investors are now choosing Option, binary options fm.

This broker offers a variety of different account types to choose from that will help both beginner and veteran traders be successful. They back all this up with an outstanding customer service team. The customer service team is led by a group of people that are friendly, knowledgeable and have been around the binary options trading world for a long time.

Your questions and concerns are always answered by the customer service department as quickly as possible and you should have an answer within 48 — 72 hours at the latest.

Of course like any customer service department they always try to serve you right away but they have peak times where this is not always possible. We think if Option, binary options fm. It is somewhat surprising that a quality broker like them does not have a FAQ section at all. Hopefully that is something this broker will add soon. With that being said, you still have the binary options fm of contacting them by phone and live chat.

Given how new and progressive Option. Trading Platform One of the best features on Option. They have built a platform that is not only easy to use and understand but also has some unique customizable features.

It is nice to be able to incorporate some of your personal preferences into the web platform you are doing your trading with. The web platform offers six different binary options fm of options that the customer can choose to place their trades with, binary options fm. When using the trading platform, Option, binary options fm. The excellent user interface will get a trader to exactly where they want to be on the website very quickly. Placing a binary options trade can be done very quickly with just a few points and clicks with your mouse also.

Included in the platform layouts is a chart which lists your current trades in progress so you can keep track of how you are doing as you use the website. That is only just the beginning of what makes this web broker excellent to trade with. They provide those that trade with them the option of downloading their convenient mobile app to their smart device or mobile phone. It takes your trading to a whole new level because then you can make new trades and check on existing ones too from anywhere you are.

It is a great way to stop and check the information on the website for the latest financial news and current market trends. It is one of the main attractions for customers to come trade with Option. There is a generous list of assets to trade on also and these can be accessed easily from the drop down menu as you are placing your trades.

Binary options fm you want to see how easy it is to place trades and insert the various assets into them you can ask for a demo account from Option. It has the advantage of learning how Option. Put a binary options fm mark by yet another great feature that Option. Fm Minimum Deposit Signing up with Option. As with all binary option websites they require a small minimum deposit to open an account and start trading.

Of course you also have the option to deposit more and are encouraged to do so to take full advantage of signup bonuses and binary options fm eligible for higher account levels with more features. Once you fill out a simple questionnaire to verify your identity and your deposit has been confirmed with your funding source, you can then start trading.

Each account level has a different minimum deposit required in order to be placed in that level. Be sure to choose one that both meets your trading needs and also fits your budget. You also have to consider if you want to trade for a long time or just test out binary options trading; there is no point making a big deposit if you are just looking to try binary options trading.

There are currently four available account types. More experienced traders will most likely want to put down a higher initial deposit amount so they can have access to the extra features that the Boutique, Imperial and Executive level accounts have to binary options fm. Remember, binary options fm, as was mentioned, the more money you deposit initially the higher level account you will be placed into and the more features of the website you binary options fm receive.

Registering is an important part of the process because this is what keeps your trading account safe and secure binary options fm also verifies your identity, binary options fm. It still only takes a short time to complete all the information that Option.

You will have to give them such things as your name, e-mail and mailing address, binary options fm. You will also be asked to confirm your identity by sending a scanned copy of a government issued ID. This not only helps Option. You will have a lot of peace of mind that your sensitive information is being kept safe as you are trading with Option. Here is a quick overview of the different types of accounts on Option. This account is specifically designed for those who are new to binary options trading or those that want to try the website before depositing a lot of money.

This account level features access to the analysis of current market trends and a tutorial overview of the trading platform. It has one big drawback and that is it is not supported by customer service; a little odd but true binary options fm this time but hopefully that will change. There is a smaller signup bonus available when you start with this account. It comes with all the features that you get with lower level accounts plus access to instructional binary options fm and video tutorials.

It is a great account level for those that have a little experience trading binary options and want to improve their trading skills. It comes with all the features that you get with lower level accounts plus access to personal support and market trading signals at no extra charge.

It comes with all the features that you get with lower level accounts plus you binary options fm access to a personal trading assistant, binary options fm, travel services, VIP raid information news and even comes with investment insurance. Fm Binary options fm Account There are few things that have enhanced binary options trading as much as the introduction of demo accounts.

All those who sign up with Option. Demo accounts are very useful to help beginners learn the nuances of binary options trading before risking any real money from their account while trading; it will give you a lot of confidence in your ability to be successful if you are just starting out trading. They also help veteran traders get used to a new style trading platform without risking so much as a dime of their own money.

Mobile Binary options fm As we mentioned before Option. It is a great way for their investors to check and place trades from wherever they may be that has access to an internet connection. You can be placing trades on your lunchbreak, your commute to work on the subway or in between breaks of your favorite sporting events. There is no more convenient way to trade binary options. It puts you in control of your trading and you are no longer restricted to just trading at home or at work.

Mark it down as another great reason to sign up and trade with Option. It is this type of willingness to use the most modern technology available to enhance their website that has traders raving about the pleasant experiences they have had trading with Option. We certainly would not be surprised if even more new technology is introduced to the website very soon as it becomes available in the marketplace. New technology helps to streamline the binary options trading process and also helps you to do trading in a more efficient and more productive manner, binary options fm.

These are all great things if you want to be a successful binary options investor. If you are keeping score we have told you about a lot of great features that make Option. Their experienced staff has done what is necessary to build a website for you that has traders from all over the world being more successful at trading than ever before, binary options fm.

You will have all the learning tools, different options, different assets to trade and a convenient web platform to trade on right at your fingertips. That is why it is a no brainer for us to confidently recommend you or anyone else to sign up and trade with Option.


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This is the most popular account on and its ideal for almost any experience level binary options trader. This level account is attained by making a deposit of $ and includes those who deposit as much as $ dollars.4/5. Prestige FM is a binary options broker previously owned by a company called Leadtrade Ltd., which was based in Nicosia, Cyprus, and currently owned by a company called Media Options LTD, which is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In many respects, Prestige FM /10(4). Put a check mark by yet another great feature that has to offer those that trade with them. Minimum Deposit. Signing up with is easy to do and just takes a short time. As with all binary option websites they require a small minimum deposit .